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HSC Marthon

HSC Marathon

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What is a HSC Marathon?

The HSC Marathon isn't just a tutoring session; it's your opportunity to shine. We've designed it with your success in mind.

As the trials conclude and the HSC looms on the horizon, many students find themselves struggling to maintain the same level of enthusiasm and focus. The reality is, between the trials and the HSC exams, motivation can waver, and self-doubt can creep in.

The time between trials and the HSC is rife with distractions. The initial surge of adrenaline from trials starts to ebb, and the vast expanse between these milestones can create a sense of uncertainty. Amidst the desire to excel, students may face difficulties in staying consistently engaged with their studies. This phase is crucial, and it's precisely when students need unwavering motivation and guidance.

The HSC Marathon at Fission is your compass in the journey from trials to triumph. It's not just a session; it's a transformational experience that empowers you to embrace challenges and achieve your academic aspirations. Join us to rediscover your motivation, strengthen your knowledge, and make your HSC year extraordinary.

Our comprehensive 5-Hour Sessions include;

  • 1 Hour of Intensive Revision: Brush up on crucial topics to strengthen your foundation and enhance your understanding.

  • 3 Hours of HSC-Styled Paper: Experience a real exam atmosphere with a tailored 3-hour HSC-style paper. 

  • Thorough Review: We mark your paper and meticulously go through the answers, clarifying concepts and boosting confidence. 

  • Motivation & Final Improvements: Prevent burnout and stay motivated as you make those last-minute improvements.

  • Expert Advice: Get insights on niche topics and proven exam techniques to maximize your potential.

  • Normalized Exam Environment: Feel confident in the actual exam setting by replicating it during the marathon.

  • Anxiety Reduction: Reduce exam anxiety by becoming familiar with the exam environment.

  • And best of all, it's only 10$ per person. Those who wish to join online can join us for free by signing up to our discord server.

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Bardia, 2565, NSW.


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